RetroVision – Secret Retro Games Hidden in Google

There are a great deal of easter eggs hidden within the depths of the world wide web. What’s more, a great number of these surround classic gaming. For example, try using the famous Konami Code on sites such as Vogue UK, and you’ll probably be very surprised with the results.

So, if I told you that Google has more than one easter egg surrounding retro gaming hidden within its site, would you be surprised? Probably not, given Google regularly hides things in its browser to celebrate special events, such as having Pokémon appear all over Google Maps. However, it may surprise you to learn that there are entire versions of retro classics hidden within Google.

Actually, many of you may have already discovered these, as it’s not exactly as though Google has kept them extremely well hidden. In fact, all it takes is for you to type in the name of the game, and you’ll see the game appear at the top of the search results.

The first of these is the 1976 Atari block breaking classic Breakout. For this one simply type out “Atari Breakout” and click on the top link to see what happens. Once the game begins you’ll find that your mouse now controls the moving platform that you can use to bounce the ball into the Google Images.


Nevertheless, if finding Breakout out was surprising, then you haven’t seen anything. That’s because the second of these games hidden by Google is none other than the legendary arcade classic Pac-Man. Yes, a completely playable build of Pac-Man has been at your fingertips all this time.

What’s more, it couldn’t be simpler to find, as all you have to do is type “Pacman” into the search bar (“Google Pac Man” also worked). Once you’ve done this you’ll find a custom board spelling out Google, one filled with all the usual pellets and Ghosts. From there it’s a simple case of dusting off those arcade reflexes, and using the directional keys to guide Pac-Man to success.


So there you go, now you can also find these retro games hidden in Google. Don’t say we here at Rings & Coins don’t give you anything. As now you’ve got two fool proof ways to pass the some time at work. Just don’t let you boss see eh.

Found any other games hidden within Google? If so let us know in the comments below.

Sophia Aubrey Drake

A lifelong gamer with a fanatical love of all things Nintendo and Japan. So much so that she's written a thesis on one and lived in the other. Currently on a quest to catch every last Pokémon. Follow me on twitter via @DivaXChill or @RingsandCoins.

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