Secrets of Super Mario Revealed With Mr Miyamoto

As part of Super Mario Bros.’ 30th anniversary, and in preparation for Super Mario Maker, Nintendo have released a video wherein Miyamoto answers some questions from fans surrounding the Super Mario games, and its universe in general.  It’s all just a bit of good fun but there are some entertaining answers nonetheless, such as when Miyamoto claims he is in fact Bowser Jr’s mother.  The most interesting of these though, surrounds the long held rumour that Super Mario Bros. 3 was nothing more than a stage show.

Mario Bros 3 Play
The reason why many suspected that Super Mario Bros. 3 was nothing more than a play. Something Miyamoto answers in the video below.

This rumour was largely fuelled by the opening curtains at the start of the game, alongside other aspects of the game which are detailed in the image above.  Most thought this was going to be nothing more than a rumour, yet when asked this question, Miyamoto simply nods his head.  All proving that Mario was never in any real danger, and that all of those rumours were right all along.  But this isn’t the only myth Miyamoto answers questions on, and no matter what you take from the video it’s all in good humour and very entertaining, embracing the spirit of the series.

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