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Any football fans reading this will know that today is the British transfer deadline day. This marks a key point in the football season, all buying and selling of players must be completed by 6pm tonight. This deadline causes clubs to panic buy and spend large sums of money on players who may not be worth it. On the other hand they may just find themselves the right player at the right price. It is at this time that most outlets look at what potential deals are on the table. They often focus on what the player will offer and how much he will cost. So in the spirit of this I have decided to bring you six games that will improve your collection, but only at the right price!

1. Comix Zone (Mega Drive)

Released in 1995 by SEGA this comic book inspired beat ‘em up was met with a mixed reception. High praise was awarded to the style but its lack of a functioning control scheme led to criticism. Obtaining a PAL copy of the game will only set you back approximately £20 but the NTSC-J version has been known to go for up to £300! On the other hand if your not bothered about having a physical copy you could just pick a Wii virtual console version for 800 wii points or find it in a number of SEGA game collections.

Price: £5.99 – £300



2. Mega Man: The Wily Wars (Mega Drive)

Mega Man: The Wily Wars is the only Mega Man game to come to SEGA’s best selling console. The game features remakes of the original three Mega Man games with an exclusive world at the end called Wily’s tower. As a difficult to find game and having no re releases this games price has risen. A PAL copy of this game will reduce your account half a monkey (£250 for those of you down with your cockney rhyming slang).

Price: £250


3. Pulseman (Mega Drive)

Before Pokémon Game Freak created Pulseman, an action platform game in the vain of Mega Man. This game never reaches the lofty heights that it’s genre topping rival sets but it is still fun none the less. Using electricity as a key gameplay function adds a novel twist to a genre that saw a number of often indistinguishable titles as well as offering a nice look into the history of a developer known primarily for its iconic RPG series. Picking up the cartridge for this game can cost between £100 and £150 depending on the version. Alternatively this is another game that has come to the virtual console and so can now be played cheaply should you only desire the experience and not require the physical copy.

Price: £5.99 – £150


4. Wild Guns (Super Nintendo)

Wild Guns is one of the most under appreciated games of its time. It has incredible style and great gameplay, a steam punk wild west crosshair shooter. The reason for its lack of appreciation may be sighted to its incredibly short print run resulting in the game ailing to reach a critical mass. This in turn has now raised the price of the cartridge with copies exceeding 500 of the Queen’s finest coins. If this seems a bit too pricy you could always turn to my friend the virtual console to try your hand at this quirky and delightful game.

Price: £5.99 – £500+

Wild Guns Box

5. Earthbound/ Mother 2 (Super Nintendo)

How could I do a feature like this and not include Earthbound, it’s practically the category in itself. THE game that all stories of how a rare game became expensive begin and end with. Earthbound is one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. This Japanese RPG parodies the genre that was so prevalent during the 16 bit era and was defined by it’s suburban American setting and sci-fi elements. Unfortunately this game never made it across the pond and we Brits (and Europeans, but who really cares about them) had to wait until the Wii U virtual console release in 2013 to play the game without forking out on a Japanese or North American console. Before this though to play this game even after getting a non domestic console you would also have had to pay the princely sum of £350 for a complete version of the game on everybody’s favourite auction site.

Price: £6.99 – £350 + a new console


6. Stadium Events (Nintendo Entertainment System)

If you have cash to burn then have I got the game for you. Stadium Events is a US only game released by Bandai that utilised a Wii Fit style mat. The game had an incredibly short run before it was bought by Nintendo for the technology in the mat. The game was pulled from shelves and  then destroyed so that only Nintendo could use the product. This has left approximately 20 copies left in the wild. This game has never been re released and so the combination of these factors has led to copies going for just shy of £15,000. So start saving cos this one sonly for high rollers!

Price: £10,000 – £15,000  



Happy Hunting!

See You Space Cowboy!

Stuart Drake

Not very good at writing about games and even worse at them. Is that going to stop me doing either? Absolutely not! You can follow this Pokémaniac on Twitter and Instagram via @Boogbn

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